C. Stephen Cochennet- Chairman

Prior to helping form EnerJex in 2005, Mr. Cochennet was the President of CSC Group, a strategic consulting group working with Fortune 500 Companies as well as emerging and start-up companies in a variety of capacities including facilitating capital formation. Prior to founding CSC Group in 2002, Mr. Cochennet spent 16 years with Aquila. At Aquila, Mr. Cochennet rose from Manager of Finance in Aquila's predecessor corporation, UtiliCorp United, in 1986 to President of Aquila's Strategic Partners Group in 2000, where he was responsible for managing senior relationships with key national energy executives and coordinating business opportunities across Aquila's 15 business units. Prior to joining UtiliCorp, Mr. Cochennet spent five years with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, where he was a commissioned examiner for the 10th district of the Federal Reserve System.

Robert G. (Bob) Wonish

Since May of 2006 to present, Mr. Wonish has served on the board of directors of Stratum Holdings, Inc., (STTH.OB) a staffing holding company, specializing in energy services and commercial construction, which also has petroleum exploration and production operations. Since December of 2004 to present, Mr. Wonish has been Vice President of Petroleum Engineers Inc., a subsidiary of The CYMRI Corporation, now CYMRI, L.L.C., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratum Holdings, Inc. Mr. Wonish is also President of CYMRI, L.L.C. He previously achieved positions of increasing responsibility with PANACO, Inc., a public oil and gas company, ultimately serving as that companyís President and Chief Operating Officer. He began his engineering career at Amoco in 1975 and joined Panacoís engineering staff in 1992. Mr. Wonish is the Chairman of the Registrantís Governance, Compensation and Nominating Committee.

Daran G. Dammeyer

Since July of 1999 to present, Mr. Dammeyer has served as President of D-Two Solutions through which he supports clients by primarily providing merger and acquisition support, strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting process development and implementation.  From March 1999 through July 1999, Mr. Dammeyer was a Director of International Financial Management for UtiliCorp United Inc. (Aquila), a multinational energy solutions provider in Kansas City, Missouri.  From November 1995 through March 1999, Mr. Dammeyer served as the Chief Financial Controller of United Energy Limited in Melbourne, Australia.  Mr. Dammeyer also served in numerous management positions at Michigan Energy Resources Company, including Director of Internal Audit.  Mr. Dammeyer earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with dual majors in Accounting and Corporate Financial Management from the University of Toledo, Ohio.  Mr. Dammeyer is the Chairman of the Registrant’s Audit Committee and a member of the Registrant’s Governance, Compensation and Nominating Committee.


Darrel G. Palmer  

Since January 1997 to present, Mr. Palmer has been President of Energy Management Resources, an energy process management firm serving industrial and large commercial companies throughout the U. S. and Canada. Mr. Palmer has 25 years of expertise in the natural gas arena. His experiences encompass a wide area of the natural gas industry and include working for natural gas marketing companies, local distribution companies, and FERC regulated pipelines. Prior to becoming an independent energy consultant in 1997, Mr. Palmer’s last position was Vice President/National Account Sales at UtiliCorp United Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri.  Over the years Mr. Palmer has worked in many civic organizations including United Way and has been a President of the local Kiwanis Club. Junior Achievement of Minnesota awarded him the Bronze Leadership Award for his accomplishments which included being an advisor, program manager, holding various Board positions, and ultimately being Board President. Mr. Palmer is a member of the Registration’s Governance, Compensation and Nominating Committee.




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